ICP Procedures

Indirect ICP Processing Procedures
How ICP Procedures is as below :
Project Content
Screening of procurement projects that require industrial cooperation Reviewed by relevant procurement agencies and the ICP Office.
Stipulation of ICP specifications Preparing ICP specifications by the ICP Office for use by the agency; taking into account of the nature of the procurement project.
Negotiations of Industrial Cooperation Agreement(s) and ICP plan(s) Negotiations between foreign contractors and the ICP Office, submission of draft ICP plans by foreign contractors, and review of the draft ICP plans by relevant experts.
Execution of Industrial Cooperation Agreement(s) Signing of the industrial cooperation agreement by and between IDB and foreign contractors.
Preliminary approval of eligible ICP transaction(s) Review of the eligible ICP transactions proposed by foreign contractors; Submission of the proposal to the Executive Committee for preliminary approval.
Monitoring implementation of eligible ICP transaction(s) Monitoring the progress of ICP projects by the ICP Office.
Final approval and credit-granting for implemented eligible ICP Review and determination of the final credits to be granted by the Executive Committee upon completion of the eligible ICP transaction and provision of the relevant information by foreign contractor.
Review and completion of ICP Compilation of data on ICP performance and achievements.
Updated : 2021-01-26